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Real Estate Myth Buster, Panama City Beach, and along the Emerald Coast.

Let’s talk about the five common misconceptions when thinking about purchasing a home in today’s competitive Panama City Beach real estate market.



What do I mean when I speak about Real Estate Myth Buster in today’s Panama City Beach real estate market? 

For quite some time, the landscape of the real estate in Panama City Beach was quite different.  We had substantial inventory, and it was more of a buyer’s market.  Meaning buyers did not necessarily have to worry about competing offers; as long as the offer was within the market expectation, there was a high probability that the unit they put an offer on would go under contract.  

Times have changed!

Now the buyer has to be ready to act quickly.

Sellers have to be informed, so they price their home to maximize the price point.

These real estate myth busters will help you achieve your real estate goals.

Myth #1.  It’s better to get pre-approved after you find the perfect home to buy.

REALITY:  You should get pre-approved before you begin your home search.  That way, you will know your budget and act quickly when ready to make an offer.  Also, that will strengthen your offer to sellers.

Myth #2.  Always start with your lowest offer when buying a home.

REALITY:  In a competitive market like we have today, you may not get a second chance.

Myth #3.  It’s better to price your house on the high side when you are selling.

REALITY:  A house that is priced competitively will likely sell faster and attract multiple offers.

Myth #4.  Renovating your house will definitely net you more money when you sell.

REALITY:  Some renovations may be necessary, but not all of them.  Your trusted agent can advise you on what is important to fix before selling and what is not.

Myth #5.  It is safe to skip the home inspection if the house looks good.

REALITY:  You should not skip the inspection.  It could uncover hidden problems that might cost you down the line.


Bottom Line

Today’s competitive market makes it more important than ever to make a strong offer on a home.  An experienced agent is critical in helping buyers and sellers in the Panama City Beach real estate market.  Let’s connect to make sure you rise to the top along the way.

Do you have further questions regarding making a winning offer?  To learn more, reach out to our team.  With two office locations, Life’s A Beach Real Estate located in Panama City Beach.  And Life’s A Beach Luxury Real Estate located in Destin.  We are here to answer your questions and help you find your piece of paradise.





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