December 2021

Pets & Home Buying – Emerald Coast Real Estate

A Happy Tail!   If you have a pet, I am sure you are considering your pet & homebuying and what to expect.  Our pets are a big part of our life!  Many of us plan our lives around our pets.  Therefore, their role in the home buying process is essential! If you are thinking about buying or selling, it is essential to understand the current real estate market.  A trusted, experienced real estate...

Conforming Loan? Non-Conforming Loan? – Emerald Coast Real Estate

Conforming Loan or Non-Conforming Loan?   Why it just became much easier to buy a beach home in Panama City Beach or along the Emerald Coast.  The FHFA is raising its loan limit on conforming loans for prospective purchasers in 2022.  In this blog post, we discuss the difference between a conforming loan and a non-conforming loan and why this is good news for homebuyers! If you are thinking about...

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