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Why should you sell your CONDO Now?

Selling your condo can be a big decision, but there are several reasons why now may be the perfect time to put your property on the market. First, the real estate market is currently strong. Housing prices have been on the rise for several years, and many experts predict that this trend will continue. This […]

What’s Your CONDO WORTH in PCB?

Knowing the current value of your condo is important for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it can affect your financial decisions. If you are considering selling your condo, understanding its current market value can give you a better idea of how much to list it for, as well as what kind of offers […]

Where Are Mortgage Rates Headed? – Emerald Coast Real Estate

Buyer's Purchasing Power? A common question that our agents face every day is, are mortgage rates going up?  It is an important question to ask, as the higher the mortgage rate the lower the loan amount you can afford.  Panama City Beach and along the Emerald Coast is still a scorching housing market, and prices [...]

Home Equity – Emerald Coast Real Estate

Home Equity When you buy a home, you plant a seed that grows your investment each year.  Life's A Beach Real Estate would love to help you buy your forever home or investment home of your dreams, so you can let the equity take root! We hope you took a brief moment to watch this [...]

Pets & Home Buying – Emerald Coast Real Estate

A Happy Tail!   If you have a pet, I am sure you are considering your pet & homebuying and what to expect.  Our pets are a big part of our life!  Many of us plan our lives around our pets.  Therefore, their role in the home buying process is essential! If you are thinking [...]

Conforming Loan? Non-Conforming Loan? – Emerald Coast Real Estate

Conforming Loan or Non-Conforming Loan?   Why it just became much easier to buy a beach home in Panama City Beach or along the Emerald Coast.  The FHFA is raising its loan limit on conforming loans for prospective purchasers in 2022.  In this blog post, we discuss the difference between a conforming loan and a [...]

Happy Thanksgiving – Emerald Coast Real Estate

Happy Thanksgiving We are filled with a heart of gratitude for the relationships we have forged with our clients.  Thank you for making our profession a joy! We hope you took a brief moment to watch this short video to let us express our appreciation.   If you would like to discuss further the real estate [...]

Sellers Market – How Quickly Will Your Home Sell? – Emerald Coast Real Estate

Sellers Market It is no surprise that it is a sellers market out there, prompting sellers to ask, "how quickly will my home sell?"  Well, none of us have a crystal ball, however, the data and market conditions along Panama City Beach and along the Emerald Coast tell us, your home will sell very quickly. [...]

Don’t Fear Today’s Real Estate Market – Emerald Coast Real Estate

Happy Halloween Buying a home doesn't have to be scary, even in a sellers' market. So let's connect today to take the fear out of the equation. Our brokerage is here to help you reach your real estate goals.  Buyers, now is the time to act and act quickly.  Sellers, if you are thinking about [...]

Don’t Wait for a Lower Mortgage Rate – Emerald Coast Real Estate

Don't Wait for a Lower Morgage Rate - It Could Cost You.   Where are the mortgage rates headed?  Well, I do not have a crystal ball; however, the rates seem to be slowly ticking back up. So what does that mean for buyers in Panama City Beach or along the Emerald Coast?  Please don't [...]

Supply & Demand, Today’s Housing Market – Emerald Coast Real Estate

What Do Supply and Demand Tell Us About Today's Housing Market? If you were a buyer in search of your forever home or vacation home in Panama City Beach or along the Emerald Coast this summer, then you know that our supply was at an all-time low!  Frustrated real estate buyers struggling to outbid competing [...]

Do You Know Your Mortgage Rate? – Emerald Coast Real Estate

This month is National Homeownership Month; take time to appreciate everything owning a home has to offer.

What To Do With Your Vacation Home As Summer Ends – Emerald Coast Real Estate

Vacation Home in Panama City Beach or along the Emerald Coast? You have been the happy owner of a vacation home in Panama City Beach or along the Emerald Coast.  Summer is ending, and you have been evaluating whether or not you want to continue with the time and expense involved in the upkeep of [...]

Looking For A Place To Call Home, Consider A Condo – Emerald Coast Real Estate

Looking For A Place To Call Home?  Consider A Condominium. It is no secret that the real estate market is very competitive in Panama City Beach and along the Emerald Coast. Unfortunately, many overlook the condominium option.  There are reasons for that, perhaps financing.  Or the vacation rental market aspect.  Yes, those are valid reasons [...]

Time Is Money When It Comes To Your Home – Emerald Coast Real Estate

This month is National Homeownership Month; take time to appreciate everything owning a home has to offer.

Housing Market Hot Topics – Emerald Coast Real Estate

There are three hot topics in the housing market right now.   If you are a prospective buyer or seller it is important to understand the current Real Estate Market.  Topics and Trends change and you need to know how that is impacting the real estate market in Panama City Beach and along the Emerald [...]

Key Terms in Today’s Housing Market – Emerald Coast Real Estate

What are the key terms in today's housing market?   Whether you are new to the real estate market or have bought or sold before, understanding the key terms are important to the success of your real estate transactions.  Navigating the waters of the real estate market in Panama City Beach and the Emerald Coast [...]

Options Are Improving for Buyers – Emerald Coast Real Estate

Is The Buyers Market Improving?   We are starting to see an uptick in real estate inventory in the Panama City Beach real estate market and the Emerald Coast real estate market.  And, if historical trends continue, then we can expect increased inventory levels in the fall, as the vacation rental season starts to wind down.  [...]

What To Expect as Appraisal Gaps Grow – Emerald Coast Real Estate

What To Expect as Appraisal Gaps Grow   If you have had any recent experience with the Panama City Beach real estate market or the Emerald Coast real estate market, then you are aware that buyers more often than not are willing to pay more than the market data supports, causing an appraisal gap. We Are [...]

Demand for Vacation Homes Is Still Strong – Emerald Coast Real Estate

The pandemic created a tremendous interest in vacation homes in Panama City Beach, and the Emerald Coast. As well as across the country.

Top Reasons to Own Your Home – Emerald Coast Real Estate

This month is National Homeownership Month; take time to appreciate everything owning a home has to offer.

Time To Take Advantage of Historically Low Mortgage Rates – Emerald Coast Real Estate

Mortgage rates are at a historical low. If you are thinking about buying, it is time to take advantage of the low mortgage rates.

In Today’s Market Listing Prices Are Like an Auction’s Reserve Price – Emerald Coast Real Estate

The record-low supply of homes for sale coupled with very strong buyer demand is leading to a rise in bidding wars on many homes. Because of this, homes today often sell for more than the list price.

Time To Take Advantage of Historically Low Mortgage Rates – Emerald Coast Real Estate

Mortgage rates are at a historical low. If you are thinking about buying, it is time to take advantage of the low mortgage rates.

Cash In by Selling Your Second Home – Emerald Coast Real Estate

Cash in on today’s housing demand by selling your second home. The demand is high and the supply is low. The ideal seller’s market.

Are You Ready For A Bidding War? – Emerald Coast Real Estate

The Panama City Beach real estate market is hot, do you have your checklist ready to compete in a bidding war?

Sellers Are Ready to Enter the Housing Market – Emerald Coast Real Estate

One in ten homeowners plans to sell this year, with 63 percent of those looking to list in the next six months.

Americans Favor Homeownership as an Investment -Emerald Coast Real Estate

Given the option, most Americans would prefer to invest in homeownership than in stocks. Panama City Beach is a prime investment market.

Experts Say Home Prices Will Continue to Appreciate – Emerald Coast Real Estate

If you are a buyer along the Emerald Coast, you have witnessed the dramatic and quick increase in the price point of a first home or vacation home. You might be asking, are the current home prices sustainable? Will home prices continue to appreciate?

Are Interest Rates Expected to Rise Over the Next Year? – Emerald Coast Real Estate

Many are asking will interest rates go up? While none of us have a crystal ball, some experts predict interest rates will go up later this year and into 2020.

Is It Time To Sell Your Beach Home? – Emerald Coast Real Estate

Second homes sold to buyers who will not occupy the home year-round but use for investment or vacation account for 15% of new single-family home sales.

Real Estate Myth Buster – Panama City Beach Real Estate

There are a lot of misconceptions about buying or selling a home today. Misconceptions make it challenging to know exactly how to navigate the current real estate market in Panama City Beach. Here’s a little clarity when it comes to 5 common myths about the 2021 housing market.

Diamond In The Rough Edgewater Golf Villa Renovation – Panama City Beach Real Estate

Edgewater Golf Villa’s are a little piece of paradise, located in the Edgewater Beach Resort. These units are tucked away on the golf course side of the resort, creating the atmosphere of a little beach cottage community.

How To Make A Winning Offer – Emerald Coast Real Estate

A local real estate professional should be the expert guide you lean on for advice when you are ready to make an offer on your dream beach home.

Put Your Equity To Work – Emerald Coast Real Estate

Are you ready to put your equity to work? Homeowners today have tremendous equity, so maybe it is time to put it to work for you!

Appraisals Versus Inspection – Emerald Coast Real Estate

Many new buyers ask, what is the difference between an appraisal versus an inspection. If you’re planning to buy a home along the Emerald Coast, an appraisal is an essential step in the process.

SOLD Origin At Seahaven 908 – Life’s A Beach Real Estate, Agent Johnna Bass

Origin at Seahaven, one bedroom, one bath condo with a view of the Gulf of Mexico. Origin at Seahaven is located one mile east of Pier Park and across the street from Sharky’s Beachfront Restaurant and steps from Hang 5 Beach Bar and Grill.

Buying a Home in 2021 – Emerald Coast Real Estate

2021 will be a great year to buy real estate along the Emerald Coast.

Increasing Wealth Through Homeownership – Emerald Coast RE

Some argue that renting eliminates the cost of property taxes and home repairs. Every potential renter must realize that all the expenses the landlord incurs (property taxes, repairs, insurance, etc.) are already baked into the rent payment – along with a profit margin. You don’t save money by renting.

Turning A House Into A Happy Home – Emerald Coast RE

Happy home along the Emerald Coast. More often than not, we are drawn to the emotional reasons for homeownership.

Real Estate in 2021, Three Reasons to be Optimistic – Emerald Coast RE

Real estate in 2021, the outlook is looking very optimistic. Experts are forecasting that next year is one in which we can be positive.

Holiday Season Along the Emerald Coast

One would think that December along the Gulf Coast would not be festive. Well, I can attest, it is joyful, it is beautiful…and it is the best place to celebrate the Holidays.

Remote Work Driving Sales Of Vacation Homes

Buyers are taking advantage of the fact, that working from home might be someplace other than their primary residence. Many are relocating to the beaches along the Emerald Coast.

Reasons to Sell – Selling Along The Emerald Coast

Reasons to Sell Your House This Holiday Season. The holiday season may be the perfect time to sell your house.

Will Mortgage Rates Remain Low Next Year?

In 2020, buyers got a big boost in the housing market as mortgage rates dropped throughout the year, which is good news for the PCB Real Estate Market.

Working From Home?

Businesses all over the country have figured out how to operate remotely and the trend may continue. What better area to work from than Panama City Beach!

Welcome Home – Buying A Home Along The Emerald Coast

When you buy a home, you are making an economic and social impact on the community.

What Is Panama City Beach Like In November?

In November, what is Panama City Beach Like? Well, Panama City Beach in November is spectacular. The hurricane season is winding down, the weather is still lovely, and the beaches are beautiful.

Home Price Appreciation – PCB & Destin Area Real Estate Market Outlook

PCB & Destin Area Real Estate Market Outlook: experts project home price appreciation into the next year. Lack of houses higher demand.

Election 2020 Panama City Beach Real Estate Market Outlook

Tomorrow is the day, election 2020. Americans will decide our President for the next four years. That decision will have a major impact on many aspects of life in this country, but the residential real estate market in the Panama City Beach area and surrounding areas will not be one of them.

Selling Real Estate In Panama City Beach

When the demand for homes is higher than what is available for sale, it is a great time to be selling real estate.

PCB Real Estate Market Outlook: Mortgage Lending, Who Is The Best?

The mortgage lending side of property purchase can be rough waters, and it is helpful if you are informed ahead of time.

Mortgage Pitfalls – PCB Real Estate Market Outlook

Mortgage pitfalls, things to avoid after applying for a mortgage!

PCB Real Estate Market Outlook: Unprecedented Strength This Year

The 2020 Panama City Beach housing market has surpassed all expectations. The question is, will this positive trend continue?

PCB Real Estate Market: The #1 Reason Not To Wait To List Your House

Purchaser demand is so high, the Panama City Beach real estate market is running out of available homes and condos for sale.

PCB Real Estate Market: Selling This Fall Might Be The Way To Go

If you are thinking about moving, selling your home this fall might be the way to go.

Is this the PCB Beach Home for Me?

Before we talking about whether you've found the right PCB beach home, let's recap... We recently talked about PCB vacation rentals, purchasing a diamond in the rough, and investment property management options. But it occurs to me that I may have jumped ahead a bit and that we need to roll back to the purchasing [...]

Woody Junot Publishes “Want to buy a Panama City Beach Condo?” on PCBBeachesDirect.com

Summary of "Want to buy a Panama City Beach Condo?" Woody Junot, Broker/Owner of Life's a Beach Real Estate recently published a new article on PCBBeachesDirect.com. In the article, Woody provides information and tips on what you need to know if you want to buy a condo on Panama City Beach. One quote from Woody [...]

Should You Buy Your PCB Beach Retirement Home Sooner Rather Than Later?

Every day in the U.S., roughly 10,000 people turn 65. Prior to the health crisis that swept the nation in 2020, most people had to wait until they retired to make a move to Panama City Beach. This year, however, the game changed.

Your PCB Investment Property – To Manage or Not to Manage

There are two primary options for investment property management in PCB.

PCB Real Estate Market: How Home Ownership Multiplies Your Net Worth

Homeowners have a net worth that is 40 times greater than that of renters. Let’s connect so we can begin planning your first step toward building your financial future.

Emerald Coast Real Estate – Buyers Are Finding More Space In The Luxury Home Market

A year ago, additional space and extra amenities had a very different feel for homebuyers. Today, the health crisis has brought to light how valuable more square footage and carefully designed floorplans can be.

PCB Investment Properties: Renovating The Diamond in The Rough

Last week I shared with you that we have purchased our first foray into PCB investment properties – our first vacation investment property in Panama City Beach. Now, let’s talk more about another side of PCB investment properties—the renovation…

PCB Real Estate Market: Experts Forecast a V-Shaped Economic Recovery

Experts anticipate a V-shaped recovery for our economy, and the housing market is leading the way. Let’s connect to make sure you have everything you need to make your best real estate decisions this year.

PCB Real Estate – Home Equity Gives Sellers Options

Homeownership is one of the best ways to invest in your financial future, especially as your home equity grows. Home equity is a form of forced savings that can work to your advantage as the value of your home appreciates. Across the country, especially in Panama City Beach, home equity was increasing before the health crisis…

Investing in PCB Real Estate: The Start of Vacation Adventures in Paradise!

My husband and I have been selling real estate in Panama City Beach for 6 years – helping many vacation property investors purchase a vacation beach home. Our philosophy is simple: As Panama City Beach real estate agents, it is our job to be that trusted advisor and help with the process and purchase of the right home.

Horribly Horrific Things To Avoid When Buying A Beach Home

Using a knowledgeable and experienced real estate group such as Life’s a Beach Real Estate can help you navigate through some of these red flags when purchasing a house or condo in Panama City Beach. We know the Panama City Beach real estate market well and are looking forward to helping you find your dream home successfully!

Why Panama City Beach Should Be Your #1 Retirement Destination

Ahhh, retirement is here at last (or at least on the horizon) and you can finally start living your dream life at the beach. There are numerous reasons why buying a condo at Panama City Beach should be a major contender in your retirement plans.

Preparing Your Panama City Beach Home for a Hurricane

As a home or condo owner in Panama City Beach, it is prudent to protect your property from hurricanes and you can prevent a lot of damage by following some basic precautions. You can plan for the worst by updating your insurance policy. However, always remember to put yourself first and  your property second!

Panama City Beach’s Secret Treasures

When considering condo ownership in Panama City Beach or evaluating the Panama City Beach real estate market in general, there are a number of factors to consider but one of the first steps should be to make yourself familiar with this awesome city and all that it has to offer. 

Prepping Your Beach Home for the Panama City Beach Real Estate Market

The first and most important step to putting your home on the market is to find and enlist a real estate agent to be your guide and resource throughout the process. On average, real estate agents are able to get sales prices 15% higher than when a realtor is not involved. Here at Life is [...]

Now is the Time to Buy the Luxury Home

Now is the Time to Buy the Luxury Home If your house no longer fits your needs and you are planning on buying a luxury home, now is a great time to do so! We recently shared data from Trulia’s Market Mismatch Study which showed that in today’s premium home market, buyers are in control.  The inventory of homes […]

Don’t Be Surprised by Closing Costs

Don’t Be Surprised by Closing Costs According to a survey conducted by ClosingCorp, over half of all homebuyers are surprised by the closing costs required to obtain their mortgage. After surveying 1,000 first-time and repeat homebuyers, the results revealed that 17% of homebuyers were surprised that closing costs were required at all, while another 35% were stunned by how […]

Panama City Beach Condo Sales

 Panama City Beach Condo Sales NEW YORK – Oct. 20, 2017 – Home shoppers without children are a growing segment of the housing market, and they tend to want smaller houses than previous generations. In the latest numbers released by the CDC, the fertility rate among women 15 to 44 years old hit its lowest […]

Four Reasons to Buy a Home this Fall

Four Reasons to Buy a Home this Fall Here are four great reasons to consider buying a home today, instead of waiting. 1. Prices Will Continue to Rise CoreLogic’s latest Home Price Index reports that home prices have appreciated by 6.7% over the last 12 months. The same report predicts that prices will continue to increase at a rate […]

The Rental Trap

The Rental Trap There are many benefits to homeownership. One of the top benefits is being able to protect yourself from rising rents by locking in your housing cost for the life of your mortgage. Don’t Become Trapped A recent article by ConsumerAffairs addressed the continuous rise in rents, stating: “The cost of putting a roof over your head […]

What to do when Disaster Hits

What to do when Disaster Hits NEW YORK – Sept. 6, 2017 – Hurricane Harvey has damaged or destroyed hundreds of thousands of homes and put countless families into a financial tailspin. If you’re affected by a natural disaster, what does it mean for your mortgage? Here are frequently asked questions and answers. What should […]

Grand Panama Beach Resort 3 Bedroom


Tourism in Panama City Beach

Tourism in Panama City Beach Tourism in Panama City has climbed over the last year, with May marking the fourth consecutive month of double-digit growth for the city. Visit Panama City Beach and the Bay County Tourist Development Council announced that tourism numbers were up 14 percent in May as compared to the same month in 2016. […]

Homeownership Beats Renting

Homeownership Beats Renting LOS ANGELES – July 27, 2017 – Arizona, Nevada and Washington, D.C. are among the 11 states where it’s more affordable to rent than it is to buy a home. But owning a home still beats renting in Florida, according to a study by website GOBankingRates. GoBankingRates surveyed all 50 states and […]

Millennial Homeowner? Now is the time to sell!

Millennial Homeowner? Now is the time to sell! Contrary to what many believe, Millennials are not the ‘renter’ generation. Millennials purchased a larger percentage (34%) of homes in the U.S. than any other age group in 2017 and the most recent Census Bureau report shows that the homeownership rate among Millennials is finally on the rise. Many Millennials […]

Upgraded Annabella’s Waterfront Unit!

4 bedroom townhouse with a ton of upgrades!

Selling your Home

Selling your Home We all realize that the best time to sell anything is when demand is high and the supply of that item is limited. Two major reports issued by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) revealed information that suggests that now continues to be a great time to sell your house. Let’s look at the data […]

4 vacation home issues every buyer should know

4 vacation home issues every buyer should know NEW YORK – July 7, 2017 – Before clients purchase a vacation home, make sure they’re ready for the responsibilities of owning a second property. “Costs of owning and renting a vacation home can be very high,” says Todd Huettner, owner of Denver-based lending company Huettner Capital. […]

Origin at Seahaven Post Auction Sales

  Origin at Seahaven Post Auction Sales The Origin at Seahaven Auction was a huge success with over 100 buyers in attendance and 70 units sold for almost 10 million in sales! If you missed the auction on June 29th, don’t worry, currently there are still about 25 units left in the original block of […]

Annabella’s Townhome 4 Bedroom!

TONS of great points about this Townhome!

Origin at Seahaven Information

Origin at Seahaven Information Check out this informational interview with a local radio station and Lamar Fisher of Fisher Auctions in regards to the upcoming auction in the Origin at Seahaven condo building! Come visit us in the onsite Life’s a Beach Real Estate office to take a tour of the model units or obtain […]

Vacant Lot Near the Beach!

Vacant lot in one of the most sought after sub-divisions on Panama City Beach!

Beautiful Gulf Views!

MILLION DOLLAR VIEW!!! This property sits on the elevated side of Front Beach Road overlooking the Gulf Of Mexico.

Amazing Hidden Pines Home

This home in one of Panama City Beach’s most sought after neighborhoods.

Grand Panama Two Bedroom

Spectacular views of the gulf from both the living room and master bedroom!

Investment Property


Investment Duplex!


Why It’s Important to Hire a Realtor

Why It’s Important to Hire a Realtor Moral of this story, Always Call a Realtor First!   “Received a very alarming call this morning from a girl that was getting ready to send cash to someone for keys for a rental she found on Zillow/Trulia,” Heartland Real Estate Agent Dawn Dell posted Tuesday on Facebook. […]

Origin Auction Information

95 Condominium Units to be sold with 25 pre-selected condominiums to be sold at Absolute Auction. ABOUT ORIGIN: Designed with Polynesian influences to inspire coastal living, Origin at Seahaven consists of a 17-story tower with 280 fully-furnished upscale residences. Located on Front Beach Road in Panama City Beach, Origin is within walking distance of the well-known […]

Origin Auction!!!

95 Condominium Units to be sold with 25 pre-selected condominiums to be sold at Absolute Auction.

Panama City Beach Housing Market

Panama City Beach Housing Market   NAR: This is the worst ‘housing drought’ ever WASHINGTON – March 28, 2017 – The number of homes for sale is at the lowest level on record, according to the National Association of Realtors® (NAR), which began tracking inventory 18 years ago. For buyers, that means they’ll find fewer […]

FSBO – No! You’re Only Hurting Yourself!

Reasons Not to For Sale By Owner In today’s market, with home prices rising and a lack of inventory, some homeowners may consider trying to sell their home on their own, known in the industry as a For Sale by Owner (FSBO). There are several reasons why this might not be a good idea for […]

Panama City Beach Spring Break

  EBRO, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) – While most college students come to Panama City Beach to party for spring break, one group of fraternity brothers is spending their time off giving back. One foot in front of the other, members of the Kappa Beta Chapter of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity from Troy University are going […]

Beautiful 3 Bedroom Grand Panama Unit

Grand Panama Beach Resort is the place everyone wants to be.

Life’s a Beach

The Emerald Coast is an American Paradise! You’ve been to Malibu, South Beach, and the Hamptons; to Cannon Beach, the Outer Banks, and the Jersey Shore, and you think you know a thing or two about beaches in this great country, right? Think again, amigo. If you’ve never traveled the approximately 100 miles of glorious […]

Panama City Beach Real Estate Market

Panama City Beach Real Estate Market Panama City Beach has experienced an 18.8% increase in closed sales year over year! Economists’ note : Closed Sales are one of the simplest—yet most important—indicators for the residential real estate market. When comparing Closed Sales across markets of different sizes, we recommend comparing the percent changes in sales […]

List your home in 2017!

  List your home in 2017 With the start of the new year, families across the country will be deciding if this is the year that they will sell their current house and move into their dream home. Many will decide that it is smarter to wait until the spring “buyer’s market” to list their […]

Florida Best for Business

  Florida Best for Business Florida ranked number five in the United States for ‘best business climate’ for the fourth straight year according to the 2015 State Business Tax Climate report conducted by the Tax Foundation. The Tax Foundation looks at over 100 factors in order to create the annual ranking, including corporate tax, individual […]

Buy Your Beach Dream Home

Looking to Buy Your Beach Dream Home? Do it Quick! It appears that Americans are regaining faith in the U.S. economy. The following indexes have each shown a dramatic jump in consumer confidence in their latest surveys: The University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index National Federation of Independent Businesses’ Small Business Optimism Index CNBC All-America […]

Real Estate Offices Panama City Beach

Real Estate Offices Panama City Beach   New Year, New Office! Life’s a Beach is proud to announce our new, very visible, office in the front portion of The Origin Beach Resort condo across the street from the world’s most beautiful beaches of Panama City Beach! The new Life’s a Beach office is next to […]

5 Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Professional

5 Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Professional Whether you are buying or selling a home, it can be quite an adventurous journey; you need an experienced Real Estate Professional to lead you to your ultimate goal. In this world of instant gratification and internet searches, many sellers think that they can For Sale by […]

Mortgage Interest Rates Ticking Upwards

Mortgage Interest Rates Ticking Upwards Mortgage interest rates, as reported by Freddie Mac, have increased over the last several weeks. Along with Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, the Mortgage Bankers Association and the National Association of Realtors are all calling for mortgage rates to continue to rise over the next four quarters. This has caused some purchasers to lament the fact they may […]

U.S. home prices surpass pre-recession peak

U.S. home prices surpass pre-recession peak WASHINGTON (AP) – Nov 29, 2016 – U.S. home prices have fully recovered from their steep plunge during the housing bust and Great Recession, according to a private measure. The Standard & Poor’s CoreLogic Case-Shiller national home price index is slightly above the peak it set in July 2006, […]

Panama City Beach East End

Vacation investment home, with uncompromising views of The Gulf

Loaded with Amenities!

Majestic Beach is a rental machine!!

Self Managing Vacation Rental Property

By COLLIN BREAUX News Herald Reporter PANAMA CITY BEACH — Every week this summer, Alan and Tracy Jagiello’s rental homes were full. The couple rent out townhouses on the west and east ends of Panama City Beach using Airbnb, an online and app-based lodging service. In their first year using the service, the Jagiellos said […]

First Time Homebuyers

  Forecast: 17M first-time buyers within 5 years   NEW YORK – Oct. 18, 2016 – About 17 million first-time homebuyers may enter the housing market within the next five years, according to a new TransUnion study – and nearly three million first-timers are expected to enter the housing market in 2017. TransUnion’s study found […]

The Best Ways to Build Your Credit

The Best Ways to Build Your Credit   NEW YORK – Oct. 18, 2016 – Once, building credit meant taking on debt – sometimes expensive debt like a car loan or a credit card with a high rate. Today, it’s possible to build a good credit score in a year without a big chunk of […]

Remodeling Tips for Homeowners

Remodeling Tips for Homeowners   WASHINGTON – Sept. 28, 2016 – Homeowners looking for a remodeling project should head outside, according to a new report from the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) and National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP). The 2016 Remodeling Impact Report: Outdoor Features shows that outdoor remodeling projects not only add value […]

Rare 3 Bedroom Lockout Unit!

Fantastic opportunity to own a rare 3 bedroom lockout unit in one of the most unique buildings in Panama City Beach!

2016 Buddy Walk for Down Syndrome

  2016 Buddy Walk for Down Syndrome   Life’s A Beach Real Estate is proud to support Big Mike in his efforts to raise awareness for people with Down Syndrome. Come walk and enjoy the festive environment with Big Mike and Life’s A Beach Real Estate.   The walk is November 5th!   Click below […]

Great 1 Bedroom Value

1 bed 2 bath with Bunks at one of the most desired Luxury Resorts on the Beach.

Grand Panama Tower I – 406

Owner says BRING AN OFFER for this fantastic low floor unit in the Grand Panama! Well appointed condo in one of the most requested properties on PCB.

Florida Ranks 4th as Most Business Friendly

  Florida Ranks 4th as Most Business Friendly WASHINGTON – Sept. 29, 2016 – The nonpartisan Tax Foundation released its 13th annual State Business Tax Climate Index, which measures how well-structured each state’s tax code is by analyzing more than 100 variables in five tax categories: corporate, individual income, sales, property and unemployment insurance. Wyoming […]

4 Reasons to Buy a Home this Fall

4 Reasons to Buy a Home this Fall   The fall may be notorious for a slowdown in the housing market. But for home buyers that shouldn’t mean they should go to an early hibernation. For home shoppers, the fall likely will be the best time to buy. Realtor.com® recently highlighted several reasons why the […]

Bounce Back from Foreclosure

Bounce Back from Foreclosure 5 bounce-back tips after a foreclosure or short sale   HIGHLAND, Calif. – Aug. 12, 2016 – Philip and Denise Powell lost their home in 2011 after Philip’s hours as a pastor were cut in half and Denise was sidelined by a surgery. But they were determined to become homeowners again, […]

Grand Panama Gem!

5th level Gulf Front condo is absolutely gorgeous!

Sell your Real Estate Listing Quickly

  Sell your Real Estate Listing Quickly Try these words in your listing for a quick sale   WASHINGTON – Aug. 19, 2016 – Public comments provided by listing agents can give information about the property amenities, architecture and neighborhood information, and they can also impact the days a property is on the market, according […]

Panama City Beach Best in US for Investment

Panama City Beach Best in US for Investment   PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) – A recent study named Panama City Beach the best place in the U.S for people to invest in vacation rentals. The website Rented.com just published a report on the best U.S markets for people to invest in vacation rentals. Panama […]

Immaculate with Spectacular Views!

Non-Rental Unit with Spectacular Views!

Areas hit hard by downturn now see highest gains

Areas hit hard by downturn now see highest gains MIAMI – Aug. 18, 2016 – The markets hardest hit by the real estate downturn have been registering the sharpest increases in home prices for more than a year. A decade after becoming the epicenter of the crash, Miami’s property market is seeing the highest price […]

Building a home in Florida

Building a home in Florida CHICAGO – Aug. 17, 2016 – The average time it takes to complete a new single-family home is seven months in Florida and nationally, according to recent Census Bureau data. That completion time includes nearly a month for getting the permit to start the project – 27 days in Florida […]

3 Bedroom Bargain!

LEAST EXPENSIVE 3 bed 3 bath w/bunks in Grand Panama!

3 Bedroom Grand Panama!

Beautiful 3 bed 2 bath East facing corner unit on the 5th floor

Lowest Priced Unit In Grand Panama!

LOWEST PRICED – 1bed 2 bath Condo in Grand Panama

Renting vs. Owning a Home

The Cost of Renting vs. Owning a Home in Every State By Cameron Huddleston July 18, 2016 Housing is the biggest expense for many Americans, accounting for more than 30 percent of a household’s yearly expenditures, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. But housing costs can vary greatly, depending on where you live — […]

Penthouse Level in Shores of Panama!

Penthouse level!!

Jumbo Mortgages now Cheaper than Smaller Loans

‘Jumbo’ mortgages now cheaper than smaller loans Now there’s a good reason to buy the big house! NEW YORK – July 1, 2016 – Banks will give you a better interest rate if you buy a more expensive and, presumably, bigger home. The interest rate on a 30-year jumbo loan currently stands at 3.71 percent […]

Florida’s Economy will Outpace U.S. Economy

Forecast: Fla.’s economy will outpace U.S. ORLANDO, Fla. – June 29, 2016 – Spurred by rising job growth and home construction, Florida’s economy is expected to continue to grow at a faster pace than the national forecast for the next four years, according to the latest forecast from UCF economist Sean Snaith, director for the […]

Is it better to Rent or Buy?

Buy vs. rent: 5 things to consider Better to Rent or Buy? PITTSBURGH, Pa. – July 1, 2016 – Buying a house is the largest investment most people ever make, and it’s not a decision you should enter into lightly, say personal finance experts at the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants. If you’re considering […]

Annabella’s Townhome Unit for Sale

Wonderful 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath townhouse with one car garage in gated community!

5 New Artificial Reefs in Panama City Beach

Thursday, May 26, 2016 11:07 AM by Visit Panama City Beach Panama City Beach, already known as the “Wreck Diving Capital of the South” for its abundance of shipwrecks and artificial reefs available for SCUBA divers to explore, has added another group of 5 Super Limestone Reefs to its collection of artificial reefs meant to […]

Amazing Grand Panama Penthouse For Sale

No other unit on Panama City Beach compares to this unit!

Freeport Real Estate

Freeport Real Estate Freeport Poised for Major Growth South Walton is essentially a very narrow strip of land, sandwiched between the Gulf of Mexico and Choctawhatchee Bay. With over 40 percent of the land here being protected State Park or Forest — and most major parcels of developable land already being spoken for — there’s simply not […]

Stunning 30a Home!

INCREDIBLE GULF VIEWS from this beach house.

Celadon Beach Condo For Sale

Tastefully decorated unit with high end furnishings and is offered fully furnished and rental ready!

1st Floor Grand Panama

Gulf front unit on the 1st floor enables you to enjoy ground floor access to our beautiful beaches!!

Panama City Beach Tourism

Panama City Beach leaders: Steady tourism, better reputation to be ‘new normal’ By JOHN HENDERSON News Herald Reporter Posted Jun. 4, 2016 at 7:00 PM Updated Jun 4, 2016 at 11:42 PM PANAMA CITY BEACH — Officials say new projects aimed at year-round crowds — and continued strict adherence to this year’s Spring Break laws […]

Grand Panama Condos For Sale

  Grand Panama Condos For Sale   Are you searching for Grand Panama Condos For Sale? If you are thinking of making your dream a reality and purchasing a condo in the Grand Panama Beach Resort, you have come to the right place! Life’s a Beach Real Estate sold more Grand Panama units in 2015 […]

Panama City Beach Home Pricing

  Panama City Beach Home Pricing   Homebuilders say major uptick coming   WASHINGTON – May 6, 2016 – Steady job growth, low mortgage rates and pent-up demand are prompting an increase in the demand for new single-family homes, and homebuilders say they’re ready to build them. However, builders also say they face plenty of […]

Big Gains in March Home Pricing!

 Panama City Beach Home Prices   March home price gains highest since 2007 IRVINE, Calif. – April 21, 2016 – U.S. home prices rose 17 percent year-to-year in March, according to RealtyTrac’s latest report for month and first quarter of the year – and Florida remains the king of all-cash sales: State metro areas took […]

Origin Poolside!

One of a kind beach getaway retreat with gulf view & pool view; direct pool access from condo

8 Bad ‘Home Improvement’ Habits

8 Bad ‘Home Improvement’ Habits from RealtorMag Home owners can overdo it when it comes to the upkeep of their home. This Old House recently spotlighted several ways that home owners’ enthusiasm for home ownership may actually harm the house. 1. Having light bulbs that are too bright. You want a well-lit home, but exceeding […]

Vacant Lot Blocks from the Beach!

Not many single lots left on the west end of Panama City Beach.

Tax Benefits of Owning a Home

The Tax Benefits of Owning a Home From building equity to giving you a chance to settle down and plant roots, homeownership comes with potential benefits that renting simply doesn’t offer. Among them are several tax advantages worth knowing about. Here’s a quick look at how to make the most of those tax deductions. Deducting […]

Condos For Sale Panama City Beach

  Condos For Sale Panama City Beach   PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) – It’s no secret Panama City Beach is growing tremendously. Pier Park has been built up over the years, and now sports parks are coming to the area along with new condos and hotels. With all of these things making their way […]

Close to Everything!

Beautiful view of the Gulf from the balcony & Amenities galore!

Beachfront Grand Panama!

Grand Panama Beach Resort is the nicest Luxury Resort on the Beach.

Fantastic Grand Panama Deal!


Florida Mortgage Rates

Average rate on 30-year mortgage falls to 3.62%   WASHINGTON (AP) – Feb. 25, 2016 – Average long-term U.S. mortgage rates fell this week as anxiety over the global economy persisted. Long-term rates resumed their decline after being unchanged last week following six straight weeks of easing. Mortgage buyer Freddie Mac said Thursday the average […]

Grand Panama Corner Unit!

You will not find a more luxurious unit!

Most Beautiful Beaches

      BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) – If you live on Panama City Beach you already knew this but Panama City Beach is in the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the United States. According to TripAdvisor, Panama City Beach is ranked number ten on the list. Also on the list: St. Augustine Beach, […]

Penthouse Living!

This penthouse is one of the nicest and most reasonably priced on the beach.

Beachfront Bargain!

Grand Panama is one of the most desired resorts in Panama City Beach.

Grand Panama Great Deal!

LEAST EXPENSIVE, 1bed 2bath in the Luxury Grand Panama Beach Resort.


INVESTOR SPECIAL!! If you are looking for a great investment, look no further.

Origin Corner Unit!

Fabulous opportunity with rare ”lockout” unit to earn rental income while you are still enjoying your home on the beach!

Panama City Beach Spring Jam

Mark your calendars, Panama City Beach Spring Jam is coming! Spring Jam is a three-day country music festival in Panama City Beach, FL from April 7th to April 9th. This year, it will be headlined by Rascal Flatts, Thomas Rhett, and Chris Young. Tickets are now on sale. Spring Jam is located in Panama City Beach, one […]

Grand Panama 1 Bedroom!


Amazing Views!

Close to Pier Park, Gulf World, and tons of restaurants!

Gulfview Studio!

Recently renovated unit with ceramic tile floors, full refrigerator with ice maker & dishwasher!

Tons of Amenities!

Beautiful remodeled unit with ceramic tile floors through out and flat screen tv.

Panama City Beach Condos for Sale

Panama City Beach Condos for Sale Life’s a Beach currently has over 750 one, two, three, and four bedroom condos for sale here in beautiful Panama City Beach! Whether you are looking for your slice of beachfront paradise or a quiet bay front retreat to dock your boat, our professional agents can help you find […]

Panama City Beach For Sale By Owner

Why the Majority of FSBOs Fail FEB 17, 2015 Industry insiders claim that FSBO failure rates range from 75% all the way up to 95%.* While selling your home on your own in order to save paying a real estate agent’s commission may seem like a great way to save money, the truth of the […]

Panama City Beach Real Estate For Sale

Panama City Beach Real Estate For Sale The “normal” real estate market is returning. Call us now before the “sun sets” on a good deal here in Panama City Beach! Read more below:   CHICAGO – Jan. 5, 2016 – This year may have been the best for housing since 2007, but the market will […]

Beachfront Corner Unit!

NON-RENTAL BEACH FRONT! Luxury Grand Panama Beach Resort. 3 bed 3 bath with master walk in closet.

Rare 1 Bd. Grand Panama Unit

Rare 1 Bedroom Unit. Priced for a quick sale. Must see!

Grand Panama Penthouse

Luxury at its best. 15th floor Penthouse, never been rented but could be a tremendous rental property!

Grand Panama Beach Resort Fly By!

  Grand Panama Beach Resort is one of the most desirable properties in Panama City Beach and also happens to be where our main office is! Check out this short video we took (best if viewed full screen) and give us a call for your next Panama City Beach real estate purchase!     Life’s […]

Panama City Beach Real Estate Tours

Panama City Beach Real Estate Tours Life’s a Beach Real Estate will soon be using some of the most cutting edge technology to help serve our customers! Due to the fact that so many of our clients are from out of state, this technology will be instrumental in helping them make their buying decisions, even […]

Florida Home Sales & Prices Are Up!

Florida Home Sales ORLANDO, Fla., – Jan. 4, 2016 – Positive trends continued for Florida’s housing market in November, with more closed sales, higher median prices, more new listings and fewer days on the market, according to the latest housing data released by Florida Realtors®. Statewide closed sales of existing single-family homes rose last month […]

Amazing Views!

The views are the first thing you notice when you step into this unit! Amazing!

Million Dollar Views!

Breathtaking views of the Gulf of Mexico.

Motivated Seller!

Directly on the beach in one of the best resorts on the beach!

Huge Beachfront Balcony!

Beautiful condo with every upgrade possible!

15th Floor Ocean Reef


Investment Home

Close to Historic Downtown St Andrews and Hathaway Bridge!

Georgia bunker hits market for $17.5 million

A underground facility and bunker dubbed “The Facility” in Southeast Georgia two hours from Savannah just hit the market for $17.5 million. The property, which is exclusively listed by Sister Hood of Harry Norman, Realtors Buckhead Office, was built in 1969 and fully renovated to government standards in 2012. According to Harry Norman, it is […]


Beautiful custom built home on a private gated cul-de-sac.

Low Floor, Grand Panama Unit!

This resort is one of the most popular destinations in our area!

New Beachfront Listing!

Own your piece of Paradise on Thomas Drive for under 90K.

Owner Financing!

3 bedrooms right on the beach and offering owner financing!

Beautiful Golf Course Home

Upscale, desirable Golf Course Home. Close to the beach!

Fully Furnished & Rental Ready

Don’t miss your chance to own in this desirable resort!

West Facing Unit – Incredible Sunsets!

Incredible sunset views from this unit!

Vacant Beachfront Lot!


Beachfront Stunner

Beautiful view from the balcony of this 8th floor condo!

1 Bedroom Rental Machine

Calypso is where everyone wants to be.

Best Deal on the Beachside

LOWEST PRICED 4 BEDROOM IN ANNABELLAS!! Motivated Sellers. Best 4 bedroom Deal on the Beach.

Super Upgraded Origin Unit

HUGE Price Reduction. Best unit in the Origin! Completely upgraded and great location in the building!

Grand Panama 1 Bedroom

Grand Panama Beach Resort is one of the most desired Resorts in PCB. Luxury at its best.

Rosemary Beach is Florida for grown-ups

      By Sarah Rufca June 9, 2014 Rosemary Beach has nine walkovers that lead to the sugar sand beach. They were built to protect the dune ecosystem and prevent beach erosion. It seems like every house, apartment and restaurant in Rosemary Beach has a driftwood sign pointing the way to the beach. Which […]

Majestic Beach Towers 2014

This is the ultimate vacation destination! Quick distance to the wonderful shopping, dining and entertainment at Pier Park.

Origin At Seahaven 808

Great opportunity to own in one of Panama City’s newest luxury developments.

Edgewater Golf Villas

This Golf Villas Community is one of Bay Counties most desirable resorts and locations on the beach. Edgewater Beach Resort has the most amenities of any resort on the beach.

Edgewater Golf Villas

Edgewater is the only full service resort on Panama City Beach. Loaded with Amenities!

Origin At Seahaven 1315

Close to Pier Park and local restaurants. This is the perfect location for your vacation getaway or second home.

Affordable Beachfront

Top Of The Gulf is one of the most popular destinations for families since it was built!!

Grand Panama Tower I – 1502

This Grand Panama 2BR is like brand new. It’s never been used. The nicest 2BR at Grand Panama. This condo is stunning!!!

Commercial Investment Opportunity

Outstanding Investment or Development Opportunity with 293′ on the Emerald Green waters of the Gulf of Mexico!!!