Gleb Alikhver

Real Estate Sales Associate at Life's A Beach Real Estate

  • Service Areas: Panama City Beach, Panama City, Destin
  • Specialties: Real Estate Sales, Real Estate Data

About Gleb Alikhver

Gleb studies Mathematics, Finance, and Real Estate at the University of Georgia. With a passion for both data and real estate, Gleb has become an essential part of the team at Life’s A Beach. His extensive background in real estate investment and sharp acumen in understanding macroeconomic trends has led him to become a trusted advisor for both individual investors and institutional entities alike.

Gleb’s expertise doesn’t end with his deep knowledge of global market dynamics. He has a particular knack for local market analysis, providing clients with actionable insights that go beyond mere numbers. His proprietary approach to estimating true market value and forecasting rental rates and occupancy in short-term rental markets sets him apart in a competitive landscape.

But what truly defines Gleb’s approach is his unwavering commitment to the client. Recognizing that successful investment is about more than just selecting the right property, he guides his clients through the often intricate process of buying and selling. His unique blend of data intelligence and practical real estate solutions ensures that clients not only find the right investment opportunities but make informed, sustainable decisions that lead to long-term success.

Gleb’s dedication to excellence, innovative thinking, and hands-on approach make him a valuable asset to anyone looking to navigate the complex intersection of data and real estate. Join him at Alikhver Data Insights, where he continues to shape the future of real estate investment, providing insights today that prepare investors for tomorrow’s opportunities.

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